School Dinners

Children at Thorogate School can either have a packed lunch from home or a school meal.

Packed lunch from home

Many children at Thorogate School bring a packed lunch from home.  These need to be brought in a lunch box, preferably insulated and containing  an ice pack to keep them cool and fresh.

In order to safeguard those children susceptible to allergies,  products containing nuts should not be included in packed lunches.

Most parents are very good at providing children with a balanced packed lunch, but we all could do with a little help when it comes to providing the children with a good variety.  Sites that may be of interest include:

Fizzy drinks and confectionery are not permitted in school.

Where packed lunches regularly fall short of being healthy, school will speak to parents. 

School Meals

School dinners at Thorogate School are cooked on site according to the RMBC school meals menu below. 

They currently cost £2.30 (from September 2019).  All meals are paid for via Arbor - please contact Mrs Wilson in the school office if you need any help with this (01709 - 710033).  Please remember that school meals should be paid in advance - thank you to the vast majority of our parents who ensure this happens.

Children in YR, Y1 and Y2 are entitled to a school meal free of charge, as are those in older year groups who are eligible for free school meals.