We know that parents are a child's first educator and their impact on a child's learning is unparalleled .

The partnership between home and school is essential. It is only by working together that we will effectively support children in achieving their potential. But at the same time we recognise that busy lifestyles (for both adults and children) mean that homework routines can cause concerns.

Reading at home

Reading at home is essential. Both reading to children (and older children enjoy this too) and children reading out loud to an adult. Please encourage reading, model reading and ensure you complete the reading records school provides.


Children will have spellings to learn as they progress through school. Starting with words that they are learning in phonics, moving onto common exception words and high frequency words as well as topic words. Help them practise them!

Learning about your topic

Your child will be learning about a topic, such as Biomes or Ancient Greece. Engage with them about their learning, talk to them and encourage further learning. We have a wonderful library in Rawmarsh and would encourage you to visit.

Set work from school

On occasions , we will provide worksheets to give children extra practise at home.

Times Tables

The learning of times tables makes it so much easier for children to apply their maths to problem solving. Practise their times tables with them, both in and out of order.

Online learning

At Thorogate School we use a number of different online platforms to support pupil learning. TT RockStars helps their times tables. Bedrock is used to develop vocabulary and comprehension skills. ReadTheory helps the pupils progress from information retrieval to be able to infer meaning in their reading comprehensions.

Google Workspace is widely used across school, with Classroom being a platform for teachers to share work with pupils. We encourage the use of Chromebooks (and other digital devices) for this.