Active Travel

Thorogate Active Travel to School Policy

Thorogate J & I School aims to encourage pupils, parents and staff to adopt active and sustainable travel choices wherever possible. We are working with the South Yorkshire STARS team to reduce car travel to school and gain accreditation for our efforts. We are working towards the Bronze accreditation at present and are very close to succeeding. We deliver a wide range of initiatives, activities and events to support those that want to travel to school by bike, scooter or on foot. For pupils unable to travel to school actively, we encourage the use of public transport, car-share and park and stride.

Some of the benefits of active travel can include:

  • Improved long-term physical health and mental wellbeing through regular exercise

  • Improving the independence, road awareness and decision making skills of young people

  • Parents and children enjoying quality time together on their journey to school

  • Children making friends and learning social skills when travelling with others

  • Less traffic outside the school gates, which can improve road safety

  • A reduction in parking issues and noise which improves relations with local residents

  • A reduction in harmful air pollution which can lead to long term health problems

  • Reduced carbon emissions that contribute to climate change

To encourage pupils to walk, ride or scoot to school frequently we will:

  • Provide cycle and scooter storage on site where possible

  • Teach road safety and awareness to all of our pupils

  • Offer scooter and cycle training to those pupils that wish to participate

  • Promote the many benefits of active travel to our children

  • Celebrate active travel as a positive way of traveling to school

  • Offer praise and reward for all pupils that travel actively to school

  • Offer information, advice and guidance for parents wherever possible

To ensure everyone enjoys their journey and arrives safely we expect pupils and parents to:

  • Follow the Highway Code

  • Be kind and courteous to others – say hi, be nice!

  • Give way to pedestrians when riding or scooting

  • Ride sensibly to school at an appropriate speed

  • Ensure bikes and scooters are roadworthy and regularly maintained

  • Consider wearing a helmet

  • Consider wearing high-visibility/reflective clothing to be as visible as possible.

  • Use lights when travelling at night or in poor visibility (mist and fog/dusk and dawn)

We do hope that parents can support us to encourage active and sustainable travel to school by encouraging their child to walk, cycle or scoot as often as possible and to take part in the many activities we offer to pupils to improve road safety awareness and riding skills.

Please be aware that the school cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the way pupils or parents travel to/from school or the consequences brought about by a parent’s decision to travel to/from school in a particular way.

The school reserves the right to enforce further rules, policies or guidance for any trip, journey or activities (whether walking, cycling, scooting or using alternative public or private transport) that are being led by school staff or other external partners. Examples may include the enforcement of cycle helmets, hi-visibility vests and other PPE.

Whilst we do everything we can to offer safe and secure cycle/scooter storage within the school grounds, we cannot accept any loss or damage to pupil’s bike, scooter or related equipment. Property is left at the owners risk and we would encourage parents to buy quality locks and purchase appropriate insurance.

We are always keen to discuss our active travel policy with pupils, parents and the wider community and review it regularly to ensure it is relevant and up to date. If you have any ideas to improve things at or around school for those travelling by bike, scooter or on foot, or if you have any questions about travelling to school, please get in touch with Mr Bedford or your Active Travel Officer Dominic Qaiser Sweeting

What have Thorogate School taken part in so far?

  • 10 day active travel challenge

  • Super Hero walk to school

  • Cycle Skills sessions

  • Scooter Skills sessions

And many more activities planned coming soon!