Arbor - Education

Thorogate School is a cashless school so ALL payments are made through Arbor-Education which is a full, secure pupil management system with the ability to hold all your child’s/children’s school information. This includes:

Personal Information

Booking for parents evening

Assessment information

Communication (email, text etc.)

Making payments for meals, clubs, trips etc

Getting on to Arbor is easy. You need to give us your email address, we will send you a link, inviting you to join Arbor (please check in your spam/junk mail for this as well as your Inbox). You need to click on the link to take you to the Arbor site where you can activate your account. You will be able to change your password to one which will be more familiar to you.

To access Arbor after initial set up:

  • Google search Arbor-Education

  • Arbor: Login in to your school

  • Your login is your email address you will have already created a password but if you forget this you can choose ‘forgotten password’ to be sent a reset to your email.

On your main dashboard you will have access to information for your child or children. Whether this is making a booking for parents evening, giving consent for a trip or paying for things. The information is all there for you to access.

It is a quick, convenient and reliable way of accessing information for your child and for making payments to school.

If you have any difficulties getting on to or using Arbor, please contact us in the school office and we will do our very best to help you.

Telephone 01709 710033 E-mail