Summer 2024 School Blog

Wentworth Woodhouse events over May 1/2 term

Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June

Join us this May Half Term as the Gardens burst into life with a sea of colour – the perfect place to enjoy a picnic in the sun with the whole family. The Craft Trailer will also be open each day, 12.00-3.00pm (excluding Thursday 30th May), offering a range of free crafting activities to help keep the little ones entertained.

Adult: General Admission
Child: Free
Accompanying Carer: Free

Nature Discovery Sessions

Tuesday 28th May, 10.30am-12.30pm & 1.30-3.30pm

One for the creepy crawly lovers! Search for and identify little creatures found here in the Forest of Bewilderment, create ‘habitat piles’ and build small insect homes from natural materials found in the Gardens to take home with you.

Wednesday 29th May, 10.30am-12.30pm & 1.30-3.30pm

Join us for the second nature discovery session all about trees and plants! Young curious minds will learn how to identify plants by their leaves and the age of a tree.

Flora & Fauna Crafts

Thursday 30th May, 10.30-12.30pm & 1.00-3.00pm

Inspired by our Flora, Fauna & Feasting exhibition in the State Rooms, little ones can have a go at making marzipan fruits, camellias and tea bag lavender bags to take home!

Child: £6.00

Please note, this activity is most suitable for children aged 5-12 who should be accompanied by an adult throughout.

Headteacher Awards Friday 17th May 

The following pupils have been nominated for a Headteacher Award:

Reception: Ruby - for excellent progress in phonics.

Archie - for always trying his best.

Year 1: Leighton - beautiful writing in literacy.

Poppy - giving 100% in every lesson.

Year 2: Lincoln - adding detail to his story writing.

Fahrenheit - amazing effort with reading comprehension.

Year 3: Grace - always being a pleasure.

Frankie - persevering with learning.

Year 4: Laiton - improved effort in writing this week - keep it up!

Gracie - excellent progress with her time knowledge.

Year 5: Josh - for demonstrating excellent resilience.

Freddie - always giving 100% and taking pride in his learning.

Year 6: All of Year 6 - for showing resilience and maturity during SATs tests.

A particular message has been sent from from Mrs Foster, our Chair of Governors, who expressed her pride in how the Year 6 children worked towards and faced the challenge of this year's SATs.  Regardless of any outcomes, the children have worked really hard and deserve to be proud of themselves.

Sharing Good work this week are:

RCS Uniform

We have been asked to share the following from RCS: 

RCS Uniform Posters 2024 sml.pdf

Headteacher Awards Friday 10th May

Reception: Calia - trying her best at all times.

Ezra - Always being an enthusiastic learner.

Year 1: Oliver - for always being a role model.

Eli - a fantastic and positive week in school.

Year 2: Carter - Always giving 100% effort to all learning.

Ethan - Working so hard to improve his handwriting.

Year 3: Harper - always being a pleasure in the classroom.

Hannah L - amazing effort in reading all week.

Year 4: Thomas - excellent focus and listening.

Lenny - excellent engagement with his sensory circuit.

Year 5: Poppy - listening carefully and being a happy kind and gentle friend.

Jaime - always following the High 5 Promise, being a shining example to the other children.

Year 6: Ella - excellent work in all subjects and being a pleasure to have in class.

Evie - excellent work in all subjects, being a fantastic role model and being fabulous all the time.

Sharing Good Work with us today were:

School nurse to see parents on 23rd May

The school nurse is looking forward to coming into school on 23/05 at 08:30-09:30 to be around to discuss any concerns which parents may have in relation to their children should this be around diet, sleep, enuresis and if parents come with a concern which is not for school nursing I would be happy to signpost to the correct service.  

Please share with other parents of Thorogate School pupils to raise awareness.

Parent courses

There are a number of courses available to parents.  These include:

and more

Headteacher Awards Friday 3rd May

The wonderful pupils of Thorogate School have again had a great week of learning.  The following pupils have been nominated for an award:

Reception: The whole class! - for outstanding behaviour on their first school trip.

Year 1: Emmaleigh - working hard in science learning about parts of a plant.

    Ollie - for settling down quickly to his learning, well done.

Year 2:         Jack C - Fantastic attitude to learning!

    Jesulaluwa - wonderful effort in all learning all week.

Year 3: Luca - being a fantastic role model.

Jack - tring hard all week in all areas.

Year 4: George - good focus on his learning all week.

Sunny - excellent maths work and a good effort all week.

Year 5: Lexi - for fantastic improvements in handwriting and trying her best.

Grace - for always going above and beyond in her work and play.

Year 6: Skylar -  fabulous and excellent work in ALL subjects - well done!

    Leo - excellent work in ALL subjects and being a kind person.  He also has shone by showing perseverance and resilience. 

The pupils below shared good work with the school:

National Attendance Framework

Please do not shoot the messenger.   These are not Thorogate School based policies.  But our parents need to be aware and make decisions knowing the information.

The DfE have brought in a new national attendance framework to ensure all parents face the same consequences for term time absences.   This covers absences for term time holidays and poor attendance at school for non-medical reasons.

The new guidelines come into force on August 19th 2024. 

Sheffield have created a small summary of the new framework.   Please note that each day has two sessions (5 days absence = 10 sessions).

Moving Up

This might be the move up to primary school or the move up to secondary school - the guidance is worth looking at.  Click on the details below and it will take you to the webpage which has further information and guidance videos.

Headteacher Awards Friday 26th April 2024

Reception: Ada   - for an amazing retell of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

Lily  - for always working hard.

Year 1: Benson - for working hard to improve his handwriting.

Luna - for trying her best in all areas of the curriculum.

Year 2: Paisley - always showing an amazing attitude to learning & being a superb role model!

Amelia - fantastic maths & wonderful presentation.

Year 3: Amber - huge improvements in attitude towards learning.

Winter - wonderful presentation in literacy.

Year 4: Harry - outstanding effort and care with literacy.

Taylor - great perseverance with his writing 😁.

Year 5: Ava - for an outstanding attitude to learning and presentation of work.

Sienna - always being determined to do her best..

Year 6: Max - excellent mathematical knowledge and being a great role model.

Archie - excellent maths work and being resilient.

Sharing Good work this week are:

Headteacher Awards Friday 19th March

Well done to the following children who have been nominated for a Headteacher Award:

Reception: Harry - for always working Hard.

Hudsyn - for being a super role model.

Year 1: Belle - for being one of the amazing "always" children.

Harper - for producing some excellent artwork.

Year 2: Maddison - outstanding effort in phonics.

Leo - having a superb attitude to learning.

Year 3: Isaac - always trying his best.

Sharlis - always giving 100%.

Year 4: Ronnie - fabulous idea and contributions in lessons.

Violet - amazing effort in all areas!

Year 5: Rosie - fantastic attitude to learning, presenting her work with great pride.

Darcie-Beau - trying hard to settle down to her work quickly and show what she knows.

Year 6: Ollie - for excellent maths work and being resilient.

    Amber - for excellent maths and English and being a great role model.

Sharing Good work this week are:

Attendance during Spring Term

Below are two photographs of the children achieving 100% attendance in the Spring Term and also those achieving between 96% - 99%.   Well done to all of you!

This week Year 4 achieved 100% attendance for the week.

Police visit in Reception - Friday 19th March

We had a visit from three police officers in our Reception Class, explaining to children about different people who keep us all safe.

The children loved seeing the cars, uniforms and the special visit from a sniffer dog!   They had fantastic questions for them and many have expressed an interest in Police Officers of the future.

We also teach the children that should they ever be separated from their adult, that they can approach Police Officers for help.   To this end, please do not jokingly frighten children by saying be good or the Police Officer will take you away.   We do not want children to be frightened of them but to see Police Offers as a source of help when they are needed.

Individual & Family Photos - Thursday 25th April

Braiswick Photographers will be in school next week on Thursday morning (25th April) to take individual & family photos.

If you have younger/older children, not at Thorogate, you can bring them from 8.30am to be photographed with their siblings if required. All other photos of individuals & siblings will be taken during the school morning. Please ensure that full school uniform is worn.

Year 6 only

As this is their final Thorogate school photo, year 6 will also be having a group photo and these along with their individual photos, will be presented in a yearbook which can be purchased and then shared with friends before they leave. 

Mrs Wilson

Rotherham Music Service

Today the children were lucky enough to be given a guitar demonstration by James from the Rotherham Music Service team.

Children who are in the junior classes have the opportunity to take up guitar lessons whilst in school. If your child is in the juniors they will be bringing home a letter with regards to these lessons.

Please fill in the slip attached if you would like to indicate an interest in your child receiving these lessons.

Kind regards,

Mrs Hicks

New meals menu (Monday 15th April)

Quick reminder that it’s the new dinner menu from today.

Message on Sunday 14th April

* Start of a new term

* Parent meetings - reminder

* Sports Day


* Punctuality

* End of year fun day

* Names in clothes

* Start of a new term

We are looking forward to another term of learning! I hope everyone is rested from the Easter break and looking forward to starting back at school tomorrow.

* Parent meetings - reminder

If you have not already booked your parent meeting with your child's class teacher, please do so via Arbor. If anyone has any issues, please phone the school office.

* Sports Day

We have booked the following afternoons as our Sports Day: Sports Day - 22nd May. If the weather defeats us on that day, our second attempt will be 19th June


Thorogate School is closed to pupils on Friday 14th June.

* Punctuality

Please remember to ensure your child is in class between 08:45 and 08:55. Being late impacts both on your child and the other children in class. But at the same time, parents need to supervise their children until 08:45. Breakfast club is available if needed.

* End of year fun day

Friday 19th July is our last day, with a range of fun activities planned.

* Names in clothes

Please could you ensure jumpers, cardigans, coats etc have names clearly marked in them. If you have just washed these items, please make sure your child's name is still clearly visible. This term in particular is a term when pupils do not seem to be able to remember what they were wearing when they went out to play,

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Mr Barnett & #TeamThorogate

Respect. Responsibility. Pride.

Every Child a Reader

Every Child a Mathematician

Every Child a Communicator

Every Child is Proud of themselves

Every Child a Global Citizen

Every Child Digitally Accomplished

Summer is here!

We ended our Spring term with a Duck Hunt - some 350 (toy) ducks were hidden around the school grounds and the children had to find and return the ducks to their class base.  It was quite a frantic 20 minutes with children rushing around the school grounds, squealing as they found ducks and discussing strategies to locate more.  Year 4 managed to find the most ducks and were rewarded with an extra 15 minutes play time.

Summertime also brings on holiday time.  There still seem to be parents who believe that as headteacher, I am able to authorise term-time holidays.   This is not the case - except in exceptional circumstances.  To put that in context, during the 16 years as headteacher at Thorogate School I believe I have only authorised a term time holiday once.  We report attendance data to the Local Authority.  If you choose to take your child out of school for a term-time holiday, it is reasonable to assume that you will receive a fixed penalty notice from the Local Authority.  Contrary to what some people seem to think: a) it is not school that issues the fine and b) the school does not receive the proceeds of the fine.