How do I know if there are concerns about my child?

Our system for early identification of SEND is that we begin by gathering evidence in the form of observations, which we record on an ‘Initial Review’ form which we discuss with the SEND Co. This is usually discussed with parents informally - in person if parents are often in school or via a phone call. We will also discuss our concerns with parents during our Parent-Pupil Conferences, then if they are in agreement, we place the pupil on our Inclusion Register as a School Action (SA) and then on a provision map. We set short-term targets and put in place resources and support to enable them to progress, taking into account how the child learns best. We track the impact of these interventions on the provision map half termly and update the targets as required.

If we feel that further support is required, we speak to parents and request consent to refer your child to Learning Support Services for further advice.