Behaviour Policy

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Behaviour principles written statement

This document is not policy or practice, rather it is a statement to set out Rawmarsh Thorogate School’s broad principles and values with regard to behaviour that is both expected and promoted within the school.

Actual, practical applications of these principles are the responsibility of the headteacher, who will view each case in light of these principles and any relevant policies. 

The governing body is aware and approves of this statement, believing it accurately reflects the school’s ethos and that effective learning and development relies on good standards of behaviour. 

This is why, at Rawmarsh Thorogate School, we seek to uphold high standards of behaviour that are guided by the principles within this statement. 

This written statement, and the policies that are influenced by it, applies to all pupils and staff inside and outside of school, when acting as ambassadors, when engaged in extra-curricular activities, such as educational trips and visits (residential and non-residential) and when being educated as a member of Rawmarsh Thorogate School.

Alongside this,  we also have a Code of Conduct for Parents and Visitors,  which we are pleased to say is followed in the vast majority of time.

Our anti-bullying policy can be found here.

Our behaviour for learning policy can be found here.

Our Exclusions and Suspensions Policy can be found here.

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