Food Vouchers

Food Vouchers

The support for families whose children are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) varies school by school. At Thorogate School, we decided to sign up for the government led Food Voucher system. The government has appointed a company called EdenRed to distribute the Food Vouchers, with schools indicating the need for their families. Because this has been organised at such short notice, there have been difficulties in this process and we thank parents for their patience.

Eligibility and applying for Free School Meals

Parents can apply for Free School Meals using the RMBC website which can be found here.

Thorogate School cannot apply for Food Vouchers unless we have been informed by RMBC that you are eligible.

How much are the Food Vouchers worth?

The Food Vouchers are worth £15 per week per eligible child.

How will I receive the Food Vouchers?

Thorogate School apply for the Food Vouchers on your behalf and print them. We will then contact you to pick them up at school. The Food Vouchers are handed over through the office window to ensure appropriate social distancing.

What should you do if you have any questions?

If you think you are eligble for Free School Meals, please apply via the RMBC website.

If you have questions about picking up your food vouchers, please phone Mrs Lockwood in the school office on Mondays 01709 710033. Alternatively, email her on .