22.03.2019 Headteacher Awards

We are very proud of the pupils who have been nominated for a Headteacher Award:

FS2 Jaime for helping friends. Lexi for improved attitude to learning.

Y1 Due to staff absence we don't have names for this week.

Y2 Ellie for trying to take her time with her learning. Oliver for brilliant all week.

Y3 Scarlet for being a super star learner. Ethan for amazing effort in writing.

Y4 Jack for his positive attitude to learning. Heidi for contributing to whole class discussions.

Y5 Olivia for being a good role model. Archie for helping others in ICT.

Y6 Harry for excellent progress in answering test style questions. Lucas for improving his reasoning skills.

Well done pupils who shared good work with this week:

Attendance this week:

  • Y1 - 98.9%

  • FS2 - 98.5%

  • Y4 - 97.4%

  • Y3 - 96.6%

  • Y2 - 95.6%

  • Y6 - 95.3%

  • Y5 - 94.6%