11.01.19 Headteacher Awards

Headteacher Awards

Well done those children nominated for Headteacher Awards:

FS2: Dexter - Excellent knowledge of towers around the world, Ethan - Making great progression in literacy.

Y1: Heidi - amazing me in maths! Well done! Jessica - her excellent numeracy work.

Y2: James - his super effort with his writing, Luke - his enthusiasm for his learning.

Y3: Alana - Amazing effort all the time - a real star learner! Alfie - Trying so hard to improve his handwriting.

Y4: All Year 4 - Being so welcoming for Miss Grimbley, Codie - having an excellent attitude to learning.

Y5: Robert - much improved concentration - well done! Georgie-Mille - superb effort this week!

Y6: Alfie M - Working very hard in all subjects this week. Maisie - Making good progress with her writing.