08.11.19 Headteacher Awards

Nominated for Headteacher Award this week are the following wonderful pupils:

FS2 - Laiton - A good attitude to writing. Alex - Trying really hard in handwriting

Y1 - William - 100% effort in Literacy. Isabelle - Being a superstar and role model.

Y2 - Aiden - Joining in class discussions. Lexie - Wonderful handwriting

Y4 - Ezi-Kai - Fantastic maths contributions. Scarlet - Building confidence when speaking to the whole class

Y5 - Layla - Perseverance and resilience in Maths all week. Olli - Fantastic effort in writing, redrafting and editing until he produced a wonderful story.

Y6 - Thomas - Working hard in all lessons especially writing. Josh - Leading his group’s Maths lesson brilliantly!

Attendance - Year 5 - well done 100%