08.02.19 Headteacher Awards

Well done to Year 3 for having 100% attendance this week! Attendance was higher in all classes, but we always like to celebrate when it is 100%.

Those children nominated for a Headteacher Award this week are:

FS2: Ethan - improved effort in writing . Melody - writing independently.

Y1: Elise - working hard to improve her learning. Grace - outstanding handwriting!

Y2: Theo - his great ideas for his Traction Man comic strip. George - super effort with his learning this week!

Y3: Rhodri - checking his writing carefully. Ezi-Kia - superb vocabulary in his poem.

Y4: Olli - Growing in confidence when talking about his maths. Regan - always trying his best.

Y5: Carter - fantastic effort in your learning this week! Eva - superb writing this week!

Y6: Allisha - Outstanding effort leading to outstanding progress. Connie - Excellent explanations to help support the class.

Good work shared with school

In addition I watched a maths lesson in Year 6 today and thought you might like to share some of the work covered.

Last but not least, a proud young man who was sent to find me because of his good work.