05.04.19 Headteacher Awards

Nominated for this week's Headteacher Awards are:

FS2 Isabelle for improved attitude to learning. Joshua great problems solving skills in maths.

Y1 Skylar for 100 %effort in all areas of learning. Max for 100 %effort in all areas of learning.

Y2 Layla for growing confidence in group reading. Holly for always giving her best in phonics.

Y3 Sophie for always giving 100%. Ethan for amazing effort in all learning.

Y4 Max for great self reflection, Alex a clear detailed presentation to parents.

Y5 Anthony for showing resilience in maths . Scarlett for working well as part of a group team.

Y6 Faith for excellent progress in all subjects, Poppy for consistently excellent approach to learning.

Also sharing good work were the following children:

Attendance this week:

  • FS2: 97.7%

  • Year 1: 91.9%

  • Year 2: 99.3%

  • Year 3: 97.0%

  • Year 4: 99.3%

  • Year 5: 96.8%

  • Year 6: 98.2%

Well done to Year 2 and Year 4 for having the highest attendance this week.