01.02.19 Headteacher Awards

Well done to the wonderful children of Thorogate School! The following children were nominated for a Headteacher Award:

FS2 Darcie-Beau for doing a great story map. Layla-Mai for doing a great story map.

Y1 Mack for excellent work in maths. Daisy for amazing maths.

Y2 Holly for always trying her best. Macayla for always trying her best.

Y3 Lexi for excellent effort all week. Daniel for challenging himself in maths.

Y4 Mia for using resources to aid her learning with maths well. Ashton for his independent learning.

Y5 Ebony for her enthusiasm. Jessica for great contributions in class.

Y6 Roxy for always doing the right thing. Ryan for always trying his best.

The following children shared their good work with us: