Planning and Assessment

There are two main sources for curriculum Planning and Assessment at Thorogate School:

  • The Early Years Foundation Stage
  • The National Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Thorogate School children start in our Foundation Stage 2 class (FS2), which used to be called Reception class.

Below are links to documents that explain the EYFS. The parents guide is particularly useful.

The National Curriculum (NC)

The National Curriculum (NC) was amended with effect from September 2014.

It sets out the framework for the national curriculum at key stages 1 and 2 and includes:

  • contextual information about both the overall school curriculum and the statutory national curriculum, including the statutory basis of the latter
  • aims for the statutory national curriculum
  • statements on inclusion, and on the development of pupils’ competence in numeracy and mathematics, language and literacy across the school curriculum
  • programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2 for all the national curriculum subjects that are taught at these key stages.


As children journey through school, assessment is a daily activity. It informs teaching and the provision we provide.

There are currently a number of statutory assessment points:

  • EYFS assessment.
  • Y1 Phonics Assessment Check.
  • Y2 SATs and teacher assessments (with teacher assessment over riding SATs).
  • Y4 Times Tables Check (from 2020).
  • Y6 SATs and teacher assessments (with the SATs over riding teacher assessments).

In September 2014 the government removed the existing assessment descriptors of National Curriculum Levels and did not replace it with an alternative.

At Thorogate School we look at the requirements of the National Curriculum and judge which age appropriate expectations the pupils have attained, based on a best fit model. This is expressed in the form of:

  • The national curriculum age group for example Year 3.
  • Working Towards (WT) - that the pupil is beginning to understand the content matter for the year group.
  • Working At (WA) - that the pupil has a sound understanding of the content matter for the year group (this is the expected attainment).
  • Working at Greater Depth (WGD) - that the pupil has a fully secure understanding of the content matter for the year group and can apply it in a range of situations, more than you would normally expect in this year group.

When making these judgements, teachers consider the standard of work the pupil produces on a day to day basis, on-going 'tests' on how well the pupil applies their learning in an independent manner, formal tests such as past standard assessment tests.

Outcomes are moderated internally in school between teachers as well as externally with partner schools and the LA.

How can you find out more about our curriculum?

By looking at the Curriculum Plan you can see what is being taught in more detail.

There are opportunities during the year to take part in parent workshops, Exhibitions of Learning (where pupils share their learning). We hope you are able to attend as many as possible.