Back to School!

Welcome back to school!

We are so pleased to welcome everyone back to school!

Together #TeamThorogate will ensure that everything is as safe as possible and that the children enjoy all the benefits that attending school brings: socially and academically.

Handwashing, which is so important to good hygiene, is king. It takes time to wash so many hands but we are getting both better and quicker at doing this.

We will be ensuring that everything is as safe as possible and we want you to feel confident that this is the case. We are informed that primary aged pupils are least likely to catch or transmit COVID and so far our experience reflects this. Transmission appears to happen between adults, hence we still need to keep everyone at a "social distance".

Together pupils, parents and staff, we are #TeamThorogate.

Information for parents

We are so lucky as a community to have such responsible parents who work with school to ensure everything runs smoothly. Below are some reminders and general information. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact either your child's class teacher or the school office.

What time do we start and finish?

Please only one adult per family group on the school yard and avoid congregating by the school gate.

Start of the day

  • There is no breakfast club as it would mix pupils from different classes.

  • 08:30 - class doors open.

  • 08:55 - class doors close (late arrivals please use main school door). This will probably change to 08:45 after Easter, so please get used to arriving by then!

  • Leave your child at the school gate and let them walk into school.

Pick up time:

  • 15:00 - FS2

  • 15:10 - Y1 & Y2

  • 15:15 - Y3 & Y4

  • 15:20 - Y5 & Y6

Please arrive just before the pick up time for your OLDEST child (this avoids children running around the playground waiting). Avoid 'grouping' and keep socially distanced.

Please remember all parents and carers should wear a face covering on the school yard when dropping off or picking up.

If you need to speak to the class teacher, please do this via Dojo or the school office if possible.

Do the pupils wear uniform and need a PE kit?

  • Pupils should wear a school uniform as usual.

  • Pupils should bring a PE kit which they will change into on PE days.

What is different in school?

The children will already be used to the new routines but we know these will need to be re-established. We will minimise the contact between classes. This will include:

  • Handwashing, no contact games, social distancing. We will need all pupils to help us with this.

  • There will be no breakfast club (this will be reviewed on an ongoing basis).

  • There will be no whole school assemblies.

  • Staggered playtimes, where children will not be able to mix with other classes. They will have to play in specific zones. Morning playtime will be extended by 10 minutes (to 25 minutes) with class staff spending the first 10 minutes with the children on the yard to encourage appropriate play).

  • Staggered lunch time, to minimise the contact with other classes.

  • Packed lunches will be eaten in the classrooms.

  • Classrooms will have tables facing the front to reduce face to face talking. This will be adjusted during the school day to enable specific activities.

  • Mr Bedford will teach PE outside with all year groups, keeping a 2 metre distance. If the weather is inclement, class teachers will teach PE indoors.

Remote Education Provision at Thorogate School

During a 'lockdown', where school is not open to the majority of pupils, Thorogate School will provide remote education.

Can I see the school's risk assessment?

This has been updated and is available to view below.

2021 School Risk Assessment COVID.pdf